How to get help our support staff is here

If you need help, we have 4 ways to give you assistance.

Getting Started Tutorial

The Getting Started Tutorial gives new users an overview of the most common tools like adding text and images to a page, adding new pages and more. You can access this tutorial by clicking on "Help & Support" and then clicking on "Getting Started Tutorial."

Support Documentation on Every Layout and Tool

Support documentation allows you to learn about all the possibilities of our 30+ layouts and tools with helpful instructions and screenshots. You can access them by clicking on "Help & Support" and then click on a layout or tools in the yellow "Documentation" box. Additionally, when you click on "Edit Page" for any page of your site or click on any tool, you will find a help button to the associated documentation or find instructions right on the edit page.

Searchable Knowledge Base

For common questions we have compiled a database that you can search using keywords. Click on "Help & Support" and then enter in your topic under "What topic do you want to search for?"

Ask a Question to the Support Team

If you cannot find your answers by any means above, we also offer personal help from our support team. There are 2 ways to submit a question:

Responses are within 24 hours. If you submitted via your site, you can see an archive of your most recent questions if you click on "Help & Support" and scroll down to "Questions Asked/Answered." If you have additional questions on one of your topics, click on your topic link and then post a question in the same message thread. This saves you from having to retype background information.