Questions about billing

On Your Statement

Charges for your easy website builder, hosting and added value services will show on your credit card statement as "". You may see an initial setup fee or design charge on your first month credit card statement and then a low monthly hosting fee in the following months.

If you do not recognize your charge, please contact support and include the charge date, the amount of the charge, the last 4 digits of your credit card and your name.


You can access all receipts for hosting your website directly from your website builder. To find the receipts, log into your website, and click on "Tools" from your toolbar and then click on the "Invoices" button.

Canceling Your Sites

We want you to be happy while you're with us and if you don't need your website anymore we want to make it easy for you to leave. To cancel your site, simply log into your website and under the "Tools" area click the "Account Manager" button. Here you will find a tab where you can cancel your site. Once you click the cancel button, you will not receive another charge for your website and your website will be taken offline. If you wish to cancel your site Click Here to contact support.

Changing Billing Information

Changing your billing information is easy and all done online. Simply log into your website and click on "Tools" and then click on the "Account Manager" button. You will find areas where you can change your "Contact Info" and your "Credit Card" information.

Billing Support

If you have a question regarding any charges you are receiving from on your credit card statement, please complete the form here and a customer support team member will answer your inquiry within 24 hours.

Need Help? Get in touch!

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